Use Semalt SEO WordPress Plugin To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

One reason why WordPress has become one of the easiest and most convenient content management systems in the world is its customization ability. While the vs debate will always remain, you cannot ignore the degree of customization you can do with a WordPress CMS installation whether it's a shared domain or a standalone one. This is brought about by hundreds of thousands of plugins - both free and paid - that are promoted by WordPress itself to aid its millions of website administrators design, optimize, and publish content on the web. 

There are so many plugins to choose from that it's become equally challenging to find the right mix of must-have plugins for WordPress. While there are some obvious selections for content optimization, page speed boost, and schema markup, there's no all-in-one SEO plugin that you can fully depend on. 

That is, until you use the Semalt SEO plugin, one of the very few plugins of the type that offer everything from SERP rankings to competitor analysis to top landing pages. Here's a quick take on what the Semalt all-in-one SEO WordPress plugin is and what all it is capable of. 

What is the Semalt SEO WordPress Plugin?

Semalt SEO plugin for WordPress sites is an all-in-one SEO plugin that will enhance the SEO quality of your site. It is a game-changing software that automates the process of SERP rank check, page speed boost, and traffic analytics. All of this data can be found in a single place within your WordPress dashboard.

In other words, the plugin analyses your website and provides you with different SEO metrics to help optimize your site. One example is the Pagespeed boost feature that allows you to cut down the loading time of your landing pages. This one-click plugin then acts as an all-rounder for those who are not into coding and don't want to manually edit a theme to optimize its CSS. All of these can be done with this simple plugin.

What All Can You Do with the Semalt WP Plugin?

Now you may be wondering what all can it do and how efficiently. So, here's a snapshot of some of the core functions of the Semalt WP plugin.

Keywords in TOP

Its biggest function is the showcasing of the list of keywords for which your website ranks in the top 100 search results in Google. This gives you a bird's eye view of how popular and visible your site is on the web, especially organic search. With this function, you can also explore all the other pages that rank for a particular keyword. This can be seen across the top 10, top 20, and even top 50 results.

Figure 1 - Site rankings listed according to keywords on the Plugin 
In addition to the ranking bifurcation, you can also filter through dates and keywords. For example, if you want to check all your branded keywords, simply search for those that have your brand term. This will throw up a list of only those keywords which have the term and for which your site ranks on Google. Handy, right?

Best Landing Pages

This shows your top landing pages i.e., the pages that get you the most traffic via organic search. In addition to the full list of pages according to the number of views (in descending order), you can also check the changes in traffic between two dates and an overview of your best pages in a month, in a year, and even in a period of multiple years.

This is a good barometer to measure your site's organic success. If a particular set of pages continuously get you traffic but don't lead to conversions, you need to look at the bounce rate of those pages. Why are people bouncing off those pages without signing up or doing the intended action? This plugin can then help you extend your research and find the root cause of the lead generation issue.

The Semalt SEO plugin provides such useful insights that will help you optimize your marketing efforts and improve sales and revenue.

Competitor Analysis

With this function, you can see your top competitors in terms of rankings. This means those brands that target and / or rank for the same keywords that you target or rank. As you might already know, your search competitors may differ from actual competitors. For example, an automobile company may have other automobile companies as well as aggregator websites as its competitors. The Semalt WordPress plugin will give you a peek into this information.

Figure 2 - Competitior analysis using the Semalt WP Plugin 

You can also check what other keywords your competitors rank for. This information allows you to expand your own keyword list and shape your SEO efforts accordingly.

Pagespeed Bost

A function that is exclusive to this SEO WordPress plugin is page speed boosting. At a time when mobile users make up more than two-quarters of all traffic, it is important to ensure that your site is optimized for such users. This is where the Pagespeed boost function helps that uses a CDN to deliver images at a lightning-fast speed.

Figure 3 - Pagespeed boost function focuses on optimizing images and other rich media 
As SEO experts ourselves, we understand how important boosting page speed is. This is why built this function into the plugin, so that you can reduce the load time of your critical landing pages and homepage. No need to install standalone page speed boosting plugins.

How Does Pagespeed Boost Work?

Our plugin uses a content delivery network (CDN) to cache images and other rich media on your site. This makes the images on your site load according to the user and their location. Loading pre-cached images takes less time than loading their original versions, thereby reducing the overall load time.

In addition to pre-cached images, the plugin also resizes and optimizes them. 

How to Install the Free Plugin?

To download and install the free Semalt SEO plugin on your WordPress site, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and select Add New
  2. Search for Semalt SEO
  3. Install and activate the plugin. It will then show up under Plugins
  4. Access the functions and settings of the plugin via the Plugins page
Alternatively, you can manually download and install it on your website. Simply download the ZIP file of the plugin and upload it on your Plugins section in the WP dashboard. We recommend the official way to install without any errors.

Note - We recommend installing Semalt SEO as a standalone plugin. If you use this along with other so-called all-in-one SEO plugins, you may face rendering and SEO issues with your WordPress site.

Benefits of Semalt SEO WP Plugin

By now you must be thinking that it's an overload of features in a single plugin. After all, what all can a single WordPress plugin do without hogging all the resources? Well, that's why we present to you some of the notable advantages of using it, especially when compared to other similar plugins. Each of these functions is independent of each other, meaning they don't interact with each other.
With all the features that you get free of cost, the Semalt SEO plugin automatically becomes one of the best WordPress plugins for SEO purposes. If you are new to the world of marketing, the plugin will open a whole new world of Semalt products for you.

Some of these include the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, AutoSEO and FullSEO flagship products, the Chrome extension, SSL certificates, and other SEO tools. 

Together with the Semalt SEO Chrome extension, this WordPress plugin is bound to revolutionize the way you execute SEO and online marketing. Want to try the plugin on your website? Download for free today!

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